Dec. 24th, 2010

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Ooookay, we're home from visiting grandma, I bought the missing ingredients and now the ham is cooking :3
We're watching Scrooged *0* I love that movie. And I'm trying to tidy up the place, because we're bringing in the Christmas tree..sort of nowish XD

update soon
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Sorry for flooding your friends pages O_O but I'm still gonna update in different posts xDD my pudding flavoured apologies XD

So, Christmas tree is standing; the ham is cooked; Black Adder's Christmas Carol is playing in the background and my family is bickering XD
I think Christmas feeling is coming around xD
Btw, I think the place up here in the attic is not big enough...we barely manage without a tree, but with one standing in the middle of the room, it's getting difficult xP
Gonna go and make some mash now and after that, decorate the tree with my sisters :3
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Watching the Hungarian version of The Nutcracker *0* If that doesn't make one feel like Christmas, than nothing XD Okay, maybe good old Frank Sinatra x3

And pamm-pamm-pamm!

Getting there, getting there :3
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Wow, we're alive :3!

We had dinner; thank god everybody was pleased and no one suggested killing me XD So maybe I'll experiment more with British recipes; but first I'll make the family fall in love with chutneys XD
We got our presents too, or to be exact they got their presents... as usual nobody could think of something for me, so I'm waiting for tomorrow and my girlfriends present *0* that may be good >_> but I got two Rejtő books from himi!
So now I'm off; I'm gonna lay around on the sofa, sketch some stupid-non-work-related-stuff, drink a hectolitre coke, stay up really late and be happy about no one being around x3 <3
And hope tomorrow will come soon enough, because that means my girlfriend coming back, Ginji visiting us and more Christmas fun!

Merry Christmas my honeys *0*!!
Be good :3!


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