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So, last post this year :3
We're at Ginji's place having a 'party' which turned kinda shitty, but I hope it will get better :3 (just to say; it wasn't our host's fault...)
Gonna update this later; probably tomorrow after getting home, I just wanted to wish everyone of my luvely friends and all the ppl out there a Happy New Year and a great New Years Eve!!


Got a little later to this, than I thought...anyway; the New Years Eve party ended well (although I wished we could've spent it some other way :/); we played a lot of games and drank some delicious cocktails and watched 'Paranormal activity' (which is a huge pile of shit). Because the others wanted to watch it. And of course they all fell asleep O_O; okay, all but Ginji, but he had his 'I'm-not-sleeping-zzzzz-really'-moments ;>_>
But! I got to work on my fan fiction while they 'watched' that bullshit, so it wasn't all that bad. xDD

The other thing I wanted to write about was my Godparents' annual Christmas party; this year we played with Kinect all daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay long *0*/ My GF and me played Dance Central and the next day we had the muscle ache of the millennia =_= the other luvly family members played mainly sports, they weren't feeling all that well either xDD and I realized in the last 10 minutes that there was a para para game as well ;___; but Wik played with me a bit, before we had to go home *0* it was a fun day :3!
So, all in all, we fell in love with Kinect, so our 2011 goal is to buy an x-box XD
I think that's it XDD

Love you all! x3
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