Sep. 4th, 2010 11:28 am
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A szabály: ne sokat gondolkodj! Melyik az a tizenöt könyv vagy történet, amit olvastál, és ami mindig veled marad? Nem feltétlenül ezek az általad olvasott legnagyobb könyvek, de ezeket sosem felejted el. Írd le, mi az első 15 könyv, ami max. 15 perc alatt az eszedbe jut! Aztán másold le a szabályokat, és jelölj be (legalább) 10 embert, akikkel ezt meg szeretnéd osztani!

Mivel már ketten is 'tageltek', itt a lista x3
  1. Dumas - Monte Cristo grófja
  2. Maurice Leblanc - Arsene Lupin Herlock Sholmes ellen
  3. Jeff Abbott - Pánik
  4. J. Webster - Nyakigláb apó
  5. Carroll - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  6. Rejtő Jenő - Piszkos Fred, a kapitány
  7. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - A Study in Scarlet
  8. Edgar Allan Poe - A Holló (verseskötet)
  9. Zilahy Lajos - Halálos tavasz
  10. Márai Sándor - A gyertyák csonkig égnek
  11. Kawabata Yasunari - Kiotói szerelmesek
  12. J.R.R.Tolkien - A gyűrűk ura
  13. E.T.A. Hoffmann - Az arany virágcserép
  14. Orwell - 1984
  15. Edmondo de Amicis - Szív
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I remembered just now to post the cake wik and I made for my sister's birthday :3

making of - click for the bigger version :3

and the finished version looks like this: 

strawberry cake with fondant icing and decorated with marzipan fruits
and the Very Hungry Caterpillar :3
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Whit Sunday was pretty much blown away by a storm back then; so the old ladies decided to make the traditional flower carpet decoration on the 6th of June.
I had two options for that day:
1; go to work and babysit two (usually nice, but sometimes hysterical) little girls, or
2; get up at 5 am and help making the décor

So we got up and helped XD
It was interesting; Aunt Márti said, that some of the patterns were made back in the 1920's (and they looked like it xD); my girlfriend got to work full force (as usual xD) and invented on the spot some new motifs to use all the leftover petals and flowers.

the first part of the flower-carpet

my girlfriend working :3 <3

another part and the rest )
I'm not religious, but I enjoyed it; it was good to see all the old ladies and their families work with so much love and care :3

I think later that day was the birthday of my sister's boyfriend (Sün!)

Ahm...last Saturday we had to bring back the Wii to my girlfriend's brother; so we decided to take a little tour and enjoy being in Tata :3

First, we stopped at Vértes Center, because not many people shop there, so all the good stuff in the shops lasts longer, than in Budapest x3
We looked around in a few, wik and me mostly crying, because we're out of many (again T_T), but Himi managed to get a new scarf and jeans. Good for her XD
Last stop was the deichmann shop *0* the pretty old shoes weren't there...the pretty brand new shoes weren't there all we got were the in-between-styles :/
and then!!! *pammpammpamm* wik came smiling with a red box! and in it was my dream high-heel!! and on the box it said it was my size!!! and we opened it!!! and the shoe in there... it was 4 sizes small T____________T;;;
I felt like crying for real... I soooooooo wanted those; in May I didn't have the money and in June, when I did, I checked the official site and it said it wasn't available any more :(
So we put it back in its place and I went on the other side of the row to Himi, who was trying to find a nice new sandal. And I tell you, a miracle happened!! Thank God I'm this tall XD
Two girls were looking sad at each other and a red box, right there where my dream-shoe was *0*
So I inched closer to the shelves and tried to listen in xD One of the girls wanted to buy it, and they called her mother, but she didn't allow it; so they put it back and went home to convince the mother and then come back and buy it. As soon as they stepped out, I dashed around the shelves and grabbed the box and behold! It was my size!! *0* and it fit and everything and it's beautiful!! *0*! <33333
So I bought it >3 nyehehehehe XD (sorry girls XD)
Next adventure was to manage to get out of the car park; Sün managed to break all the traffic regulations while driving out XD;; it was funny.

Next stop: Tata!
We brought back the Wii, had a little break and then decided to visit the Old Lake. It was pretty, if you didn't count the millions of mosquitoes and the dead fishes on the shore :/
Wik befriended a woman and her dog, a Labrador and played with the dog in the water. Wik also caught a fish, which was sick and bloody o_o;

Sün, Himi and wik at the Old Lake

An hour later or so we decided to go geo-caching...without a GPS XDD We knew the place and knew what to search for; but since it was a huge rock and we had to find a crack on it...well, wasn't that easy xD

On top of the Kálvária

Wik and Sün were running up and down; my sis and me were shouting at them to be careful XD the usual setting XDDD

Wik somewhere where she shouldn't be xD

The Sün couple and the Chapel

Wik found it, and the box was like...small XDDD we wrote on the paper and put a small stone into the box , which we decorated with a nail polish heart and our signature x3
It was fun like hell *-*

Last stop was Baj, wik's friend Zsófi lives there. We stopped there just for ten minutes or so; talked a bit and smoked some cigarettes :3 I think wik was happy to see her :3

So all in all, it was interesting and funny and great (and tiring). Loved it :3 <3

That's it I think...and now I'm off for the weekend for the Water-Music-Flower Festival in Tata! (= we sit on the shore, listening to some concerts and getting drunk XD)


Feb. 14th, 2010 11:51 pm
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just wanted to state, that I'm still alive XDDD
yesterday we celebrated Case-pyon's birthday; and today, although I've been only slightly tipsy last night, I feel soooooooooooo hung over ;_; blöö
whatever, was a great party and Valentines day was a 24 hrs chill out...I'd have liked to spend this day with my girlfriend, but since she's out in Ireland... obviously, I can't XDDDD


Feb. 9th, 2010 10:37 pm
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What the fuck happened to January O__o;;;;?
*works some more*


Jan. 2nd, 2010 07:18 pm
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wind started to blow in the morning and despite all our efforts, the attic is fucking '10°C inside' years starting out great T_T
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We survived!!
And I'm alive and dead tired O_o;
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omfg, last post this year O_O I can't believe how quickly 2009 passed by O_o;;;
I thought about making a retrospective entry about 2009, but since I'm going away in two hours to a new years party, I decided to make the End of year meme instead :3
snatched from uran-chan :P

goodbye 2009! )

So, Happy New Year Everyone, take care and have a great party this evening! Love ya all!
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My girlfriend came back today *o*/ yeah, I know, we're seperated only for a day, but what can I say XDDD
So, no really interesting stuff for today's update, but we had fun today as well.There was 'Little Women' on the telly, I finished some of the christmas presents I still need to do, we ate a lot (I'm really stuffed; if anyone offers me another piece of food, I'm gonna be sick =_=).
Himi's boyfriend came as well and we gave away the rest of the presents :3 I got some pralines from Sün and a looooooooooooooot of beautiful surprises from my honey *o*
I got a Supernatural season 01 DVD box, two t-shirts made by her and! starfighter comics vol. 01 *o*<33333!!!
I was so happy *o*!
...and all she got was a crappy felt-guinea pig, a pin, Mucha inspired earrings and a 'My Melody' hat...I feel stupid...

and of course the wind started to blow and the room is getting cold...yay ._.


Dec. 24th, 2009 11:44 pm
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Survived today!
Christmas this year was way better, than our few last; we had fun in the morning, had breakfast together and we even had time to finish himi's and her boyfriend's presents. We're out smoking and it was f**kin' hot out there o_o nearly 20° should be around -10°C this time of the year, but something must be very wrong out there, if I can go out for a smoke in only a T-shirt in December @_@;;;;; anyway, we brought my girlfriend to the train station around 3 o'clock, then visited grandma and got our share of home-made christmas-cookies and got back home, finished dinner and packing and decorating the tree 'round 7 o'clock. We had dinner; Sándor behaved pretty good this time, everything was fun :3
After that we gave our gifts to each other. I got the new Jamie Oliver book from mom and grandma and a 1000 pieces puzzle with Caravaggio's 'Bacco' on it *o*/ <3
Played with Krumpli and her new pirate LEGO set tonight as well, while the others watched Home Alone.
So, all in all, despite all my negative forethoughts, this years Christmas was and will be pretty good :3!!

Merry Christmas Everyone *¸*/!!!
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Today was quiet successful I think; we bought the Christmas tree this morning, made the last round of the pralines and bonbons and we celebrated my girlfriends names day today :3! plus I finished ALL the work I had to do...well, Wik did half the work, so half the money is hers; which is great, coz last time she missed work because of me :( now I can compensate
Finished Liba's christmas present as well, so only Himi's and his boyfriend's are due (plus all those which will be given away later XDDD)
catastrophe forecast for tomorrow: mom forgot to get our christmas giga-chicken and the butcher is closed tomorrow XD, we'll run out of gas tomorrow, that's for sure and Sándor'll be annoying as hell. bright prospects XD
Well, see you tomorrow night!
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today's our first anniversary :3
no big celebrations, but I made us some delicious dinner! I wanted to make a cake too, but there wasn't enough time :/ maybe tomorrow, which will be my girlfriend's name's day xP and then Christmas...we're piling up feasts this time of the year XDDD
and now back to work...bloeh


Dec. 21st, 2009 10:29 pm
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so, we had our big, annual, 'let's-clean-everything-in-the-kitchen-before-xmas'-fun today...
Wik did all the work, while I managed to fall off of things, break things and head butt the furniture.
I happened to run into the edge of our kitchen cupboard full I have pretty bump on my forehead plus a scar XD looking like a cheap harry potter cosplayer XD;
anyway, kitchen clean and I'm fine
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So, my girlfriend and the girls had some fun with the flour yesterday, while I was baking the cinnamon rolls XD


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We had a girls night out yesterday-today, which actually was a whole day ordeal XD
We planned to have a christmas baking and drinking party on saturday; which turned out to be an all day and night party, coz we got snowed in XD
the rest of the story in here )

PS.: we saw a huge owl while we're out smoking O______O;;!!


Dec. 19th, 2009 01:03 am
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back at last...
I'm pretty pissed right now; I wanted to do a laaaaaaaaaaarge update on what happened this last few months, but as it seems I won't ever have the time, sooo...

°in October I had TEH BEST (surprise) birthday party of my life *0* all thanks to my honey <3
°we sold all our handmade-fashion-item-stuff in an art shop in Budapest
°we managed to make a Halloween photoshoot; first shooting in a long time and it was just great :3
°I got a new laptop at last; with some help (huge thanks to a certain generous someone *hugs*) it's a sweet msi cx600 btw and I just love it <333
°we were in Wien last weekend! It was cold, but pretty and fun :3!

Recent news: our para para group performed in Fészek Klub yesterday; we're the closing show for the butoh dance festival. I still don't know how we came to be there; we're a 'little' out of place xD
After that me and Case went to the Virus Syndicate Live @ A38 and it was like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH! Can't describe it better XDDD

christmas is killing my nerves btw; so much to do, so little time (as usual) and the whole ordeal just makes me sick :/ I'm effin sick of wealthier ppl making me all the stuff they should/could do themselves and taking up MY time; the time I should be using to do all that stuff for myself/my family. I can't believe that I can't have a little break, like ever .___.;;;
I'll be collapsing dead under the christmas tree this year, again...
Hah, I'm fed up.

Good night ppl


Sep. 9th, 2009 03:58 am
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Pc still broken, I'm broke too, so I won't be online for some time ;_; least I've got some work to do...
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A great weekend is ending right now, and since our PC is still dead, I'm writing on my mobile right now xD we're on the highway btw on the way home and actually I'm getting rather sad :(
but anyway, the weekend was great, we celebrated Ginji's birthday in Tata, went to some parties, drank a lot; so all in all it was awesome. More later, since my bill will be high as it is xD
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Uber-giga-mega-post of DOOM June-July, part I
picture heavy

Water Music Flower Fest )

next was the

Budapest Zoo )
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It's almost over now O_o...!!! I can't believe how quickly time flies ;__;
I've been mainly working these past three weeks, had not enough time to draw, or be creative :/
June 5-7 I was in Tata, we went to a party and had a grill-barbeque night. It was fun and we're lucky enough, that the rain only started to fall on sunday XD On sunday, when we had to walk for a good 30 minutes in the rain, to get to the Mucha exhibition... xD But it was worth it! Thanks to my sister, we got in for free *o*
On the 13th we had a huge party, for my sister and his boyfriend had their birthdays nearly at the same time :3 thank god, I had to stand in the kitchen the whole time, and my relatives didn't got the chance to feed me. Not that I was sober enough to eat XD Vodka can do miracles, I tell you... XD
I managed to replace my broken motorola mobile...with a shiny, new LG <333!!
But otherwise, everything else is still broken xD;; and I'm still poor...

Next week I'll have a lot to do; have to finish some commissions and a portfolio before my contact goes on holiday. I still don't know how to make it, coz a; I've sold nearly everything I've ever made and the rest is digital and sitting on my PC and b; I'm really broke right now and I'll get my pay the day after I'd have to hand in my portfolio ~_~ so bleeeh~

I should hand in some sakuragi designs for the next con and make the changes to the artbook...=_= No inspiration to do that yet...maybe I'll have it the moment uran comes my way with an axe XD;;

I want to make some experimental style souveniers for an art-shop next week as well. Till now the project swallowed some money and it still needs a lot of work, but I really hope that something will come out of it :3 and I still hope, that my girlfriend'll join me in the progress .__.

Working on my manga anthology is due as well, but since I don't know if this project has any sense at all, I'm trying to forget about it right now ;_;

*sigh* okay, more later; have a fun week!


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