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so...actually right now i'm working on some 'serious'-sakuragi art (i really am O_O!!), but i needed an hour time-off. and since i've been listening to Tenshi no REVOLVER aaaaaaall day long, this pic just wouldn't leave me alone XD had to draw it, the muses commanded me @_@!
now back to the rose-coloured horror called sakuragi. the night is still young XP

and here is another version, with some text... )
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wow, yesterday's halloween party was pretty nice, there were some ppl i didn't know, but we had fun.
i was dressed as a demon; i put my costum on at home and realized that because of the wings i couldn't put on any more clothing, so i had to walk 15 minutes in a single undershirt and a scarf xD and it was around 2°C cold XDD
if i manage to get my paws on some pictures then i'll post some

i haven't eaten that much today, because i started the mornig with two coffees (slept only 2 hrs or so xD) and later i had a lot to do.
so now with my 3rd cup of coffee i'm totally 'high' xD

ah, yes, the promised Imai birthday piccie

is here! )


Feb. 19th, 2006 06:51 pm
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this weekend was the total concertvideo-overload for me @___@
got the 13 floor with moonshine dvd + sweet strange live film <3 and merry's SCI-FI
i couldn't decide what to watch, i got confused, so i couldn't watch any of them @__@;; altough i got the chance to watch all of them some weeks ago ^^"
aaaaaaaaaaanyway, [livejournal.com profile] misatojaganshi made my day by uploading those making of's from the new B-T dvd *_______*
i wanted to upload some B-T fanart anyway, soooo
(c)lick me! )

nyahahaha, i'm in the mood so back to the drawin' table *___*
[note to myself: no sugar for me the next week o____o;
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oh fuck, the scans of the veeery old Atsushi-Imai shoot for the Rock'n'Roll magazin was posted on [livejournal.com profile] jrock_scans (go and get them!)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the pictures with both of them are really pretty, the ones with acchan...O____o;;; da man is crazy...
da maracas!! )

and today I decided to re-pierce my ear, coz the hole was shot partly in the cartilage um, yeah, bout a year ago or so, and I had problems with it back then as well, coz the earring fell out and I had to force it back in...anyway, I decided to drink half of the bottle martini which was open for about a year and a half or so, and then just do it.
I don't know what hurt more, the taste of that shitty old martini or my ear xDDD
but I did it. yeah hurray, don't have to waste my money on another one xDD
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I should work on my fall/winter collection (yeah, now that every designer is working on the next years fall winter clothes T___T;;), but I'm too lazy...or too much of an idiot
anyway, I wanted to make a new layout/wallpaper/whatever with that interesting atsushi picture, where you can only see his chin and mouth and tounge O__o and the whole thing has a feeling of a photo negative.
gonna make it later thou
I just made too icons today and found another fanart of mine...couldn't decide which one to upload, the original or the photoshopped... (not that too much ppl would see it XD)
I uploaded the original...I like that one better
but to be honest it always scares me to death when I look at my old drawings.
and Imai looks
anyway oldschoolness for ya!
title or description
oh yeah and the icons

atsushi, you ass, don't drink [on the stage]!!!

and now he's going deaf too... *sigh*
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I downloaded B-T Hurry up mode TV version [hugs [livejournal.com profile] misatojaganshi <3]
actually I had it already, but coz I'm retarded I always forget what stuff I have and what not...so I just dl anything, that looks like I don't own xD *wishes new brain for xmas*
btw xmas, I was really wondering which Imai outfit I should cosplay on the christmas jrock party, but now that I watched hurry up mode again, it's not even a question
actually I wanted to do that anyway, but had to realize, that I shouldn't damage my hair. ehm, not anymore XD
well fuck it, it's my favourite imai-look so I don't care.
maybe I'll look good bald too XD [noooooooooooooooooooo~ ]
ah, and coz pink-fluffy-haired imai is love here is a new old fanart )
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Yeey I can't see @___@
Fuckin' pixels and stuff >__< But! I'm ready with the first piccies, the photo-manga (that sounds just weird O__Olol) in progress.The 13kai album is just too inspirating, can't leave it.
Anyway, the first pictures:
The Clown...I liked the idea with the cards, somehow it went well with the character
title or description
The pretty and bored Senorita
title or description
The Nightmare... 'k, she looks here pretty sane compared to other pictures xD
title or description
The fragile Doll...so beautiful...
title or description
and the Devil...
title or description
I liked this piece of the set the best, it looked great, and we could play with both the lights and the compositions.And everyone looked good sitting before this set, I think.
Hope I can get something out of the other pictures as well and can make the manga...
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I'm sooooo dead.We finished the B-T-like photoshoot this weekend and it came out just great.
Yeah, it was tiring as hell, but it was worth it. I was working with some of the models on the set on Saturday, from 8 in the morning till 1 in the night.It was weird, we usually start late with the shoots, but not THAT late O__O.
As I finished fixing the chandelier and looked at the clock and it did show that it was past midnight, it was so...'wtf?!!'and I still wasn't dressed at the time xD
and the models were O__O bwaaah, *droolz droolz* it was weird, coz I was still running up and down in my baggypants and T-shirts, and the girls were emerging one by one from the bathroom and I was just standing on the ladder trying not to fall of, coz they just looked gergous <3
Our 'Senorita' was like I imagined, beautiful and cold like ice.The 'Clown' had a unique aura , I don't know it just made me sad. And 'Doll' was simply pure, she looked like the balerina from the romance PV, but in black.Oh yeah, the 'Nightmare' looked crazy.Reminded me a bit of AS Mad Hatter-sama... But that crazy grin O__O it *was* scary.Really.
We checked the pictures when we finished the shoot, and everyone was like 'OMFG!so great!'. And I watched them at home as well but they look different..I don't know if this was because of the different monitors or I was just too tired(it was 6:30 in the morning or so >_>) but they still look good...
I wanna make some changes in photoshop, but later I'm gonna upload some of them.
Now on to work.


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