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a lot of things happend this weekend, but i'm just too tired to make a decent post XD later...
but! i've just finished the flyer for this weekends picnic

sneak a peak if you wanna~ )

and now i'm gonna go and sleep, tomorrow is a holiday so i'll have a lot of free time *O*
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i was drawing all day and inbetween the 'work-related' stuff i made a pic with some old markers; it was really fun

poke for the piccie )

the first sketch of this was not quite this colorful; the girls mouth was bloody and her eyes had dark rings; but looking at the bright markers i just couldn't let the opportunity slip and do it this way.

btw. guess what she holds behind her back.

ivy league

Jan. 20th, 2007 03:00 am
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just a quick illustration to [livejournal.com profile] coldfiredragon 's fanfic; "Ivy League"
hope she doesn't mind me posting it, before asking ^^""

the ivy )
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ah, i've just finished one of the halloween drawings i wanted to post and it's already past midnight O__O
i'm dead tired, i have still things to do...
tomorrow's gonna be busy, we'll have a halloween party at night, so i've some cooking and baking to do in the morning *sigh*

onto the halloweenie meds )

@ [livejournal.com profile] rajendora :i slept in yesterday while drawing the VF picture i promised and today i didn't got the time to finish it, but you'll get it so beware! *grins*
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the cause why i wasn't on LJ for the past few weeks, and why i won't be for the next two...

shitty sketchyness )
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i think think this won't be such a bother, if i wouldn't have 3 idiotic lil' sisters. thank god one of them is in germany right now, so less pranks for today...
i feel like shit, it's saturday, i should be working, but i guess i'm just gonna go and try, if my head fits under the sewing machine's needle
it probably won't

oh too much placebo.
btw the new album rocks and the concert tickets are just too expensive for me right now.

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i'm bored...


Feb. 16th, 2006 12:16 am
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hm, after todays horroristic 'i-won't-go-out'moments i found the cure for this phobia...i just had to take the bus.
i had everything to shut the world out(mp3 player, books, my drawing stuff) but i couldn't use them. i was happily sitting on the bus like some lunatic XD
anyway it worked, so the rest od the day went smoothly, i got the papers posted, i gotta talk and spend some time with ji-chan, i had to wait hours for my friend to finish by the cosmetician, but in the meantime i got the chance to chat with some other girls, so it was all right.
that were the random oh-so-interesting happenings of my life, thank you for reading XDDD
'k, no. i'm working on some pictures now, one of these is a valentine pic.
i just can't associate something fluffy/happy/sappy with this day, so i always have the urge to draw something nasty... here is the first skech of it
on with the horror... )


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