Oct. 11th, 2005 12:55 am
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'kay, first: NEW LAYOUT!!!dunno what the hell I'm so happy about coz I only made a new background and new avatars... yeah, and darkened the reds in my layout theme, coz they were too bright...whatever
second, I nearly finished the packing and the shelves...fuckin' tiresome the whole thing and I don't have the time to draw, to surf on the net, to use my new digicam, I don't have the time to watch pv's and stuff
btw digicam, yes I bought one coz something broke in my old one and they couldn't repair it
it did cost a lot of money... MY money...which is sad in some way, but I'm happy that I can afford such things now
it was kinda funny, coz the guy in the market went to get the cam and came back to check the codes and stuff and then he was like 'okay, name:check, code:check ...errr, the price isn't right O__O' and he showed me the price and I was like 'omfgwtf O________O;;;'
and it came out, that it costs that much coz those fucking retards at the fuji distribution came up with this idiotic idea, to pack the cam with a 512mb xDCard.
so instead of 70 000huf I payed those retards 95 000!! why the hell they make 512 mb cards IS behind my imagination, coz who the hell wants to shoot 'bout 1000 pics at once??
but now it's okay, I already bought it so...

On Those Days ~Azokon a Napokon~
the other shock of this week... friday 5:20am, coma-like state as always, thinking about the meaning of life = 'why the fuck did I got up this friggin' early?!' and then !! the big news came!
there IS an amateur musicians' festival each year in our town! wtf O__o do I really live here? I didn't even knew...anyway, Azokon a Napokon was the main act which was another wtf-news, coz they usually play in the neighbour city or in the capital...oh yes, the drummer is one of my classmates from highschool and it's tradition since high to go to their concerts
had to go to this one as well, despite the fact, that about two hours before departure I broke one of my toes... it looks like hell, if hell is purple and red xD I was on the PIU for an hour and thirsty, so I went downstairs to the kitchen and when I came back up I went to greet the mirror in the hallway...yeah I kinda kicked it...reeeeeeeeeeeally hard and then there was blood as well coz my nail came of a bit or what and I was like 'O_O; eh... 'kay, I was about to break my record at the PIU' and I did! and I was jumping up and down coz it was a terribly hard song and after three seconds I realized that I'm not sane (which isn't new) and that my toe wants to fall off. but I've gone to the concert! yeeeeeessssss!!
yeah back to the, I love them they're great...the pictures are was the second time I had the digi cam in my hands and it was dark and like 1am and under those circumstances I'm practically I don't wanna post any bigger images...get the feeling of it!! whatever, the pictures ->

rock it guys~!
title or description

Dani and Tiger
title or description

Mózi in a moment, when he couldn't hide himself behind the drums
title or description

Huba lost in the music
title or description

the band...without Tiger..BUT! you can see the bassist!!
title or description
and coz I Feel So Sure... listen to this! NOW!!!
eh, I feel totally like atsushi on my avatar ... idiotic an' crazy...whatever
I put some luna sea in the winamp, so I don't have to listen only to romance, which is exactly what I have done for some hours now O___O
'kay, I think I wrote about every shit, that happened in the last week...sooooooooooo 'Let’s raise a toast to the last of the blood
In your dream, in your darkness

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'kay, first I had this really weird dream about Invader Zim...
it was like an ordinary episode, but Zim looked like a typical american dad (=fat, sitting in front of the TV and eating snacks xD)
and there was a little irken too, that looked like his son, or what...and something happened for sure..I can't just remember what...but probably better so O__O

the other shock for today was the Gackt album, Diablos
I listened to it yesterday evening, but my brain felt like jelly that time, so I had to listen to it again today...and I can say, that (sadly) the only thing constant in my life is Gackt's music XDDD
the songs are all like songs from, I dunno 4 years ago... but somehow it made me feel nostalgic and stuff ^^" coz gackt was among the first japanese singers I listened to...yeah anyway, the album isn't that's.... yeah, just gackt


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