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because my f-list is not on tumblr XDD
my luvely home-made marshmallows ♥

and my Spring-Inspired Pin Project :3

this is the first piece I did, but I want to make a more kind-faced version as well :3

hope everyone is all right :3 ♥

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Uber-giga-mega-post of DOOM June-July, part I
picture heavy

Water Music Flower Fest )

next was the

Budapest Zoo )


Mar. 23rd, 2009 03:46 pm
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At last! I could take some pictures of Sali; my first finished BJD :3 The pics are not that great, since my camera is still on its deathbed, so I had to use my sister's Samsung shit xD;;
The original idea was from SOOM; their Glot&Glati amazed me, but since I'd never have that much money, I thought I should try my hand at it x3 (so now, I've got a slightly uglier version of Glati XD)


The rest is under the cut )
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omfg, update O_O!

At last! We've made the wedding pics, with the help of [livejournal.com profile] shota_doll and Wik ♥ ♥ ♥!
Thanks girls \^3^/♥!!

♥ The Wedding of Tenryuu & Tamaki ♥
2008. december 1.

~faceups: [livejournal.com profile] shota_doll
~clothes: me
~lighting and poses: Wik
Tenryuu belongs to shotadoll, Tamaki is mine

hear the wedding bells... )

...and now back to work... =_=;;;
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The lights were great yesterday, so I took some more photos of Tamaki and his current outfit :3!


follow the cut, bunnies! )

on the other hand, I'm f@cking sick =_=;;;;;;
cheers everyone! have a nice sunday *O*!!

Tamaki ♥

Sep. 11th, 2008 12:09 am
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I've just realized I haven't uploaded a single pic about my luvly Tamaki .__. shame on me... well...

here you go~ )
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Doublepost, sorry~! I just forgot to post these. Click on your own risk, these pics aren't the best...or maybe Ophelia doesn't really look good? XDDD;;




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ophelia thumb

click if you wanna see it in a little bigger version ^^"

First attempt at making a BJD. He's not really pretty or good, but I wanted to find out how hard it is to make a doll, so I experimented on him. And! I really managed to make him look dead XD Hahh, Ophelia is like a first child, it's a weird feeling XD And now, on to the next one! ...hopefully one with a complete body XD
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sorry, i couldn't resist ^^;;


Apr. 23rd, 2007 11:12 pm
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hah, my quick holiday's over now, but a lot of things happened, so this post is kinda little reminder for me; not that i forget, what i should post about in the upcoming days...
~the party in Club Mono
~the Gram Maria concert
~the weekend in general
...plus a lot of other things; i have some nearly finished fics and pics, but today i just chilled out, coz i was too tired to do anything (except some sakuragi-sketches =___=;;;;)

good night~
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today i made this! it's one of the main characters from Jashin (somehow the figure looks way better in life...never mind *note to self: take better pics tomorrow*)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i know it's a pretty crappy pic, but i'm dead tired and still have things to do; i just wanted to let the world know that i worked today xDD it still has to be painted and stuff, so this is only phase 01

oh random~! guys, have fun at tomorrow's party @ szeged!! (bulizzatok helyettem is =__=) tomorrow=work
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oh yay *kisses the modem*
our internet connection is back and working after a week; i'm so happy i could die... *___________*

not that i'd have had the time to do anything, coz i'm still a bit sick, and now my sisters are too, so i got stuck home babysitting them all day =____=
why do they need to be sick, when i'm in need of money and work O_O;;???

anyway, i got the antique books i was waiting for since september! it's Dumas: The Three Musketeers.
well, they're in a pretty good shape, and this edition is simply beautiful. the year it's been printed is not sure, but i found an old stamp inside, that says 1868 O___O;;
plus, it's written with our old grammar, so who knows xD

lately i'm really having fun with my dog

some doggy piccies )

few weeks ago i found a graphic tablet, which looks nice and has a good price, and i have the money now, so i think i'm going to buy it next week
plus i know now which camera i wanna buy next! (this one)
i just don't know when, coz my PS2 decided to die on me...actually it's still working, but sometimes it just won't play the games o__o;;

yes, i'm gonna need a lot of money *goes off to rob some banks xD*
okay, back to work, or something like that xDD!

i'm back~

Dec. 4th, 2006 10:59 pm
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actually, we came back on saturday and everything seemed to be allright, rozi even bought me a strawberrycake...
...which probably was not quiet good, i got sick and i spent the whole night gripping the toilet. plus i slept nearly all day after that =___=
but now i feel better or what.
ah... the trip to munich was great, i'll write about it later, or draw a chibimanga about out tour later but...[yes, i still have a lot to do xDD this is getting lame and it seems i'm not really doing anything, but my projects are on the way, so someday i'm gonna post the drawings i'm working on right now]

piccies! )

oh and i spent all my money this weekend... so i don't know how i'll go to the comics fest this weekend, but i'll! i wanna buy some new comics *___*
this fucking december just gets more and more expensive .___.
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interesting weekend we had~~
i did a lot of things with my lil' sis, coz i realized that she never really had a normal easter
so we went and did the things i used to with my mom when i was little, like making a nest for the easter bunny.
i've also hidden some easter eggs in the garden for my sis' to search for them.
it was really fun
and i found a total beautiful tree near our house, which i first thought was a cherry-tree, but my grandma told me that it may be wild almond tree.
i still dunno

piccies )

and i got food poisoning xDD kay, not really, but i ate at least 30 muffins and ... i don't even wanna talk about what other things i ate yesterday @__@

and today we were lucky, only our neighbours came to 'water' us.
oh those disgusting perfumes...or what
why is it that the guys always pick those ones, that smell like shit, you got a headache from their smell and you can't get that scent from your skin and hair for at least a week. >_< eek

*goes to wash herself*


Apr. 6th, 2006 09:11 am
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wahh, yesterday i could go out!! hell yesss, i needed to get out this fucking house coz i swear i'm gonna go insane if i have to live like this ~__~
aaaaaaanyway, i was out by the Danube, taking pictures.
the wharf looks... what the hell i'm talking about, you can't even see it; everything is flooded.
it was an awesome sight.
oh the fun part is, it was raining. and this shitty weather seems to hold out a little longer :/
why the hell aren't people thinking about some solution?? they play this every year! 'OMG spring is coming, there'll be floods.let's do nothing, wait for our houses to be washed away and then let's get some sand and sacks and build a dam!'
now honestly T__T;;
i'm glad i don't live near any water
oh yeah, the pix... )


and we watched Vampire Hunter D!!


and it wasn't the shitty english version *O* it was japanese dubbed and Mufi♥ made the hungarian subtitles for the film.
and we were like "woooooooooooooooow wtf, no kiddin' it has a story O_O"
coz the english version sucks and you can't really figure out what the hell is happening.
more rambling about our oh so interesting adventures that day )
Vampire Hunter D forevah ♥♥♥
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today I had the time, to go to the place I spotted a week ago.
I was quite happy about today's weather as well, coz everythin was cloudy and misty *____* ...and ass-freezin'. in the end I wasn't able to hold my camera and I didn't see a thing coz my eyes were full of tears xDD

so, I was in my town's 'TSZ'...ehm, farmer's co-operative ...it wasn't really about cooperation, but aaaaaanyway I kinda like that such things remained. it certainly makes this country kinda underdeveloped, but I can see a bit of the past, and I'm glad for it.
and I just should shut up T___T;

the )

my apologies for this post ;;>__>
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ahhahaha the party is over!
it was cool, altough there were only 12 ppl or so...

okay, from the beginning then, coz I feel obligated to give [livejournal.com profile] bylonic12012 a review.

ah, cut the crap )
soooo tired, wanna take a shower and sleep!!
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I noticed, that I'm too busy with reading others interesting posts and after finishin' I don't have the energy to write mine... that's just lame O____o

and today I had to go to work again. hope I'm gonna find a new job, coz I hate how the weeks just keep on repeating...always the same. B.O.R.I.N.G.
today I was considering going back to school. really. altough I dunno if it would be good, coz when I look at my expenses [O___o omg, don't wanna look] I still would have to go to work and this sounds shitty
and if I go to school, wich one should I choose? @___@;;; too complicated

anyway, sunday was the usual november fair, and of course there were carousels and I wanted to take pictures there since ages, so now that I have my new camera I did

some pictures of our poor fair )

and this morning I had to realize again how beautiful and inspirating Kouga Yun's works are.
so here is the LOVELESS
artbook for you.
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today was fun, we were by one our friends, to get some halloween pumpkins
I think we should go back and get a really big one, it would look good on the party tomorrow
pumpkins and things )


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