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Yeey I can't see @___@
Fuckin' pixels and stuff >__< But! I'm ready with the first piccies, the photo-manga (that sounds just weird O__Olol) in progress.The 13kai album is just too inspirating, can't leave it.
Anyway, the first pictures:
The Clown...I liked the idea with the cards, somehow it went well with the character
title or description
The pretty and bored Senorita
title or description
The Nightmare... 'k, she looks here pretty sane compared to other pictures xD
title or description
The fragile Doll...so beautiful...
title or description
and the Devil...
title or description
I liked this piece of the set the best, it looked great, and we could play with both the lights and the compositions.And everyone looked good sitting before this set, I think.
Hope I can get something out of the other pictures as well and can make the manga...
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I'm sooooo dead.We finished the B-T-like photoshoot this weekend and it came out just great.
Yeah, it was tiring as hell, but it was worth it. I was working with some of the models on the set on Saturday, from 8 in the morning till 1 in the night.It was weird, we usually start late with the shoots, but not THAT late O__O.
As I finished fixing the chandelier and looked at the clock and it did show that it was past midnight, it was so...'wtf?!!'and I still wasn't dressed at the time xD
and the models were O__O bwaaah, *droolz droolz* it was weird, coz I was still running up and down in my baggypants and T-shirts, and the girls were emerging one by one from the bathroom and I was just standing on the ladder trying not to fall of, coz they just looked gergous <3
Our 'Senorita' was like I imagined, beautiful and cold like ice.The 'Clown' had a unique aura , I don't know it just made me sad. And 'Doll' was simply pure, she looked like the balerina from the romance PV, but in black.Oh yeah, the 'Nightmare' looked crazy.Reminded me a bit of AS Mad Hatter-sama... But that crazy grin O__O it *was* scary.Really.
We checked the pictures when we finished the shoot, and everyone was like 'OMFG!so great!'. And I watched them at home as well but they look different..I don't know if this was because of the different monitors or I was just too tired(it was 6:30 in the morning or so >_>) but they still look good...
I wanna make some changes in photoshop, but later I'm gonna upload some of them.
Now on to work.


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