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I have a LOT to write about, but I'm on caffeine high right now and can't really make myself gather all the information I  want to share with you, so instead:


hope you enjoyed
now run around naked in your rooms!
bye X3
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omfg, last post this year O_O I can't believe how quickly 2009 passed by O_o;;;
I thought about making a retrospective entry about 2009, but since I'm going away in two hours to a new years party, I decided to make the End of year meme instead :3
snatched from uran-chan :P

goodbye 2009! )

So, Happy New Year Everyone, take care and have a great party this evening! Love ya all!
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My girlfriend came back today *o*/ yeah, I know, we're seperated only for a day, but what can I say XDDD
So, no really interesting stuff for today's update, but we had fun today as well.There was 'Little Women' on the telly, I finished some of the christmas presents I still need to do, we ate a lot (I'm really stuffed; if anyone offers me another piece of food, I'm gonna be sick =_=).
Himi's boyfriend came as well and we gave away the rest of the presents :3 I got some pralines from Sün and a looooooooooooooot of beautiful surprises from my honey *o*
I got a Supernatural season 01 DVD box, two t-shirts made by her and! starfighter comics vol. 01 *o*<33333!!!
I was so happy *o*!
...and all she got was a crappy felt-guinea pig, a pin, Mucha inspired earrings and a 'My Melody' hat...I feel stupid...

and of course the wind started to blow and the room is getting cold...yay ._.


Dec. 24th, 2009 11:44 pm
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Survived today!
Christmas this year was way better, than our few last; we had fun in the morning, had breakfast together and we even had time to finish himi's and her boyfriend's presents. We're out smoking and it was f**kin' hot out there o_o nearly 20°C...it should be around -10°C this time of the year, but something must be very wrong out there, if I can go out for a smoke in only a T-shirt in December @_@;;;;; anyway, we brought my girlfriend to the train station around 3 o'clock, then visited grandma and got our share of home-made christmas-cookies and got back home, finished dinner and packing and decorating the tree 'round 7 o'clock. We had dinner; Sándor behaved pretty good this time, everything was fun :3
After that we gave our gifts to each other. I got the new Jamie Oliver book from mom and grandma and a 1000 pieces puzzle with Caravaggio's 'Bacco' on it *o*/ <3
Played with Krumpli and her new pirate LEGO set tonight as well, while the others watched Home Alone.
So, all in all, despite all my negative forethoughts, this years Christmas was and will be pretty good :3!!

Merry Christmas Everyone *¸*/!!!
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today's our first anniversary :3
no big celebrations, but I made us some delicious dinner! I wanted to make a cake too, but there wasn't enough time :/ maybe tomorrow, which will be my girlfriend's name's day xP and then Christmas...we're piling up feasts this time of the year XDDD
and now back to work...bloeh
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So, my girlfriend and the girls had some fun with the flour yesterday, while I was baking the cinnamon rolls XD


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We had a girls night out yesterday-today, which actually was a whole day ordeal XD
We planned to have a christmas baking and drinking party on saturday; which turned out to be an all day and night party, coz we got snowed in XD
the rest of the story in here )

PS.: we saw a huge owl while we're out smoking O______O;;!!


Dec. 19th, 2009 01:03 am
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back at last...
I'm pretty pissed right now; I wanted to do a laaaaaaaaaaarge update on what happened this last few months, but as it seems I won't ever have the time, sooo...

°in October I had TEH BEST (surprise) birthday party of my life *0* all thanks to my honey <3
°we sold all our handmade-fashion-item-stuff in an art shop in Budapest
°we managed to make a Halloween photoshoot; first shooting in a long time and it was just great :3
°I got a new laptop at last; with some help (huge thanks to a certain generous someone *hugs*) it's a sweet msi cx600 btw and I just love it <333
°we were in Wien last weekend! It was cold, but pretty and fun :3!

Recent news: our para para group performed in Fészek Klub yesterday; we're the closing show for the butoh dance festival. I still don't know how we came to be there; we're a 'little' out of place xD
After that me and Case went to the Virus Syndicate Live @ A38 and it was like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH! Can't describe it better XDDD

christmas is killing my nerves btw; so much to do, so little time (as usual) and the whole ordeal just makes me sick :/ I'm effin sick of wealthier ppl making me all the stuff they should/could do themselves and taking up MY time; the time I should be using to do all that stuff for myself/my family. I can't believe that I can't have a little break, like ever .___.;;;
I'll be collapsing dead under the christmas tree this year, again...
Hah, I'm fed up.

Good night ppl
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#03 Castiel

now property of uran

Yesterday I was with [livejournal.com profile] uran_chan; we stayed up all night, watched supernatural, talked and ate pie :3 thanks again <3
now I'm back home, tryin' to work and getting not depressed...kinda hard if you ask me XD

programs missed today: Mucha exhibition, 5. comics fest, Rusko...yay >_>
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I rarely update in the morning, but since I overslept (=_=)...again and have a lot to do today AND this weekend'll be rather busy, I'll have to do it now...XD
Valentines was fun, we didn't have money, so we opted for staying home, eating icecream and watching some movies; which was good, but since it was still about 10-15°C up in the attic, we had to stay in Lib's room (for her great pleasure XDDDDD) Himi and her boyfriend came down too, plus Lib and Ginji came home as well around 11o'clock, so in the end the room looked like some refugee camp XD. But it was still fun XD
This week was rather interesting (concerning work) coz in the beginning I couldn't really come up and work because of the cold, but somehow it got better later, so I'm trying to get back in the routine(=WORK>sleep) XD I'll have to, because I missed nearly a whole month (first the flu, then the abnormal cold upstairs >_<) and I'm getting really-really mad... =_=
I've finished some 'fishy' painting for the MAT on Wednesday and now I'm working on some illustrations. No digital stuff, thank heavens @_@ the more I have to use Photoshop and the likes, the more I hate digital art...not my cup of tea, really ~_~ but it's so much easier now, with the tablet I got *O* (thanks to uran <3 and some other nice ppl XD)
eh...where was I? ...work; I'll still have some sakuragi to draw, but I'll try to finish it this weekend, then I'll have to finish up the BJD clothes, coz [livejournal.com profile] shota_doll finished the face-ups, so we'll try and sell them (again). Hope someone will buy them this time XD (..but I think we'll just end up with a bunch of kimono-clad male prostitute dolls XD)
conclusion of the update: I'm running out of time and the work is piling up, so...ciao~ xDD!

PS.: ah, and it was snowing all monday and tuesday =_= now, everything is all white and sparkly and argh >_< *do not like*



Sep. 9th, 2007 11:51 pm
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm still somewhat sick...and I'm not talking about my mental state XD
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okay, today was a total disaster...
the illustrator i've been working with just died on me and the CS trial i downloaded expired =____=
BUT! for situations like this there's always photoshop.
i spent like 4 hours on making a new calender, coz i always got carried away with deadlines and if i hang the plans out on the wall i can check myself better.
so i made the pages for the calender and then my sister barged in wanting some of her own with some Jem motives (someone recall that cartoon? Jem and the holograms?)
i said okay; and spent some more hours designing it and was ready to print and then the f****** printer run out of ink after two sites and they look like shit =__=;
i had to make my calender anyway, so i drew it, but then it was evening already when i finished it ;_____;
the good thing's, that i'm getting the picture of what's awaiting me in the next 3 months and it's great, coz i'll have to organize a lot of things
but aside that i couldn't manage anything today...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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oh yay *kisses the modem*
our internet connection is back and working after a week; i'm so happy i could die... *___________*

not that i'd have had the time to do anything, coz i'm still a bit sick, and now my sisters are too, so i got stuck home babysitting them all day =____=
why do they need to be sick, when i'm in need of money and work O_O;;???

anyway, i got the antique books i was waiting for since september! it's Dumas: The Three Musketeers.
well, they're in a pretty good shape, and this edition is simply beautiful. the year it's been printed is not sure, but i found an old stamp inside, that says 1868 O___O;;
plus, it's written with our old grammar, so who knows xD

lately i'm really having fun with my dog

some doggy piccies )

few weeks ago i found a graphic tablet, which looks nice and has a good price, and i have the money now, so i think i'm going to buy it next week
plus i know now which camera i wanna buy next! (this one)
i just don't know when, coz my PS2 decided to die on me...actually it's still working, but sometimes it just won't play the games o__o;;

yes, i'm gonna need a lot of money *goes off to rob some banks xD*
okay, back to work, or something like that xDD!
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this week's going pretty normal, i got my monthly payment at last, but since i had some debts and leftover checks, i can't really enjoy it :/
plus as it seems i got the cold again, so i'm tired and can't really work or concentrate; i'm tryin' to do at least 5 things at once, but i don't really have the inspiration to do any of them, so everything is lying half-finished on the floor :/
but this whole thing'll be gone with my cold, so i just have to get healthy as soon as i can

i should review some of the fanfics i've read recently, but i just don't wanna write something like "wo~ that was great, keep up the good work blablabla"; so i'll try to get my slimy thoughts together. (but anyway, you ff-writer-girls are just great <3)

oh yeah, 'big news'... i just knew i'm not meant to have normal pets... my cat's a zombie and Sergei seems to have some kind of personality disorder; he fuckin' thinks he is a shark or something XD
he's always sneakin' around, and when you don't pay attention he just tries to bite your friggin' arm off or bite your face o__o now he would only need the jaws theme in the background XD i'm trying to 'beat' some reason in him, hope i'll survive xDDD

AND I SOOO WANNA WATCH 'BLOOD MUSIK'!!! *cries and kicks sisters who are always monopolizing the tv >__<*

thanks for reading my ranting o___o *bows*
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yesterday case and me were to hungarocomics, i wanted to buy a few new comics, but couldn't find anything that i wanted, so in the end i ended up buying two old Robin comics plus a Vampirella issue (the cover was done by Amanda Conner, so i couldn't leave it)
plus i bought a copy of the hungarian version of Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust DVD *___* finally a version of the movie, which i can afford and has the japanese dub. the english version sux. royally...
hurray for early christmas presents!
since the stuff i ordered from my christmas money won't get here from japan till the 24th, i won't have anything under the xmas tree, so i'm buying a lot of stuff for myself xDD
actually i wanted to work with my new markers and stuff between christmas and new year's eve, but i'll resort to something else i think. i won't get bored, that's for sure...
talking about ordering, i need to write mako-chan a mail...hope i won't forget till i get up tomorrow morning xD
it'll be a busy day; sewing, drawing and making postcards and and and...
someone, plz give somet time XDD


Nov. 28th, 2006 01:21 am
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i sooo hate my printer =____= when does it have to break down? of course when you need it the most ~___~
hope my godfather'll be home tomorrow, he is our last hope, or something like that...
oh yes, my sis was using the PC all day, so i couldn't work all day.
now that she finished, i'm too tired to do the remaining editing. plus i have to go to work in 6 hours...i'll better be going =______=

oh! the only good thing that happened today was, that i could learn the written letters in russian. why the hell do they need two set of letters i still don't know xDD but i'm not giving up xP!!

'k, goodnight!
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my sister bought yesterday the animated version of the The Lord of the Rings
one word! ...'k, i can't describe it with one word, it was sooo horrible, i ... i can't find the words o___o
the characters were the gathering of the handicapped queer guys. *shivers*
the way they moved O_O and... omg how did they look like? poor Legolas O_O... okay, poor everyone O______O!!
...don't even wanna think about it...

oh! another wtf for today, the next batman movie is in production, and word's floating around, that they casted Heath Ledger for The Joker... yeah...
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long time since i last posted o_o
somehow the last week just flew by; i didn't even notice and it ended.
[livejournal.com profile] kurutta_tenshi was here, as i mentioned in my previous post and we had a lot of fun ^^
i could work better with her around, her constant babbling inspired me non-stop xDD
now she's @ case's place for the next two weeks

god, am i tired =__=! since last monday, my days look like this:
i wake up at ~5:30 to draw, i go to work at 7:30 and got home around 1 o'clock
then there is cooking, dishwashing and stuff waiting for me at home. i finish everything and go back to the drawing table around 4 pm. Usually i work till the end of 'Queer as folk' and go to sleep around 1 o'clock... and then i wake up 4 hours later and it begins again. gwahh
the funny about the whole thing is, that despite all that work, i can't finish a thing. maybe i should learn how to proliferate or go to a planet, where a day is longer than 24 hrs xDD
and i'm not even lazing around, like in the old days :/
back then it was normal for me not to finish things in time, coz i always found something better to do, than what i actually would have to xD
but now i barely spend my time eating/sleeping and still... O_O
and no, i'm not lazying around right now, just having a coffeebreak, i got bored sitting at the drawing table and i'm getting sleepy as well .___.
my right shoulder is hurting too...but i still have to work tonight

and i want a new header piccie! well...later xD


Oct. 11th, 2005 12:55 am
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'kay, first: NEW LAYOUT!!!dunno what the hell I'm so happy about coz I only made a new background and new avatars... yeah, and darkened the reds in my layout theme, coz they were too bright...whatever
second, I nearly finished the packing and the shelves...fuckin' tiresome the whole thing and I don't have the time to draw, to surf on the net, to use my new digicam, I don't have the time to watch pv's and stuff
btw digicam, yes I bought one coz something broke in my old one and they couldn't repair it
it did cost a lot of money... MY money...which is sad in some way, but I'm happy that I can afford such things now
it was kinda funny, coz the guy in the market went to get the cam and came back to check the codes and stuff and then he was like 'okay, name:check, code:check ...errr, the price isn't right O__O' and he showed me the price and I was like 'omfgwtf O________O;;;'
and it came out, that it costs that much coz those fucking retards at the fuji distribution came up with this idiotic idea, to pack the cam with a 512mb xDCard.
so instead of 70 000huf I payed those retards 95 000!! why the hell they make 512 mb cards IS behind my imagination, coz who the hell wants to shoot 'bout 1000 pics at once??
but now it's okay, I already bought it so...

On Those Days ~Azokon a Napokon~
the other shock of this week... friday 5:20am, coma-like state as always, thinking about the meaning of life = 'why the fuck did I got up this friggin' early?!' and then !! the big news came!
there IS an amateur musicians' festival each year in our town! wtf O__o do I really live here? I didn't even knew...anyway, Azokon a Napokon was the main act which was another wtf-news, coz they usually play in the neighbour city or in the capital...oh yes, the drummer is one of my classmates from highschool and it's tradition since high to go to their concerts
had to go to this one as well, despite the fact, that about two hours before departure I broke one of my toes... it looks like hell, if hell is purple and red xD I was on the PIU for an hour and thirsty, so I went downstairs to the kitchen and when I came back up I went to greet the mirror in the hallway...yeah I kinda kicked it...reeeeeeeeeeeally hard and then there was blood as well coz my nail came of a bit or what and I was like 'O_O; eh... 'kay, I was about to break my record at the PIU' and I did! and I was jumping up and down coz it was a terribly hard song and after three seconds I realized that I'm not sane (which isn't new) and that my toe wants to fall off. but I've gone to the concert! yeeeeeessssss!!
yeah back to the band....eh, I love them they're great...the pictures are NOT...it was the second time I had the digi cam in my hands and it was dark and like 1am and under those circumstances I'm practically blind...so I don't wanna post any bigger images...get the feeling of it!! whatever, the pictures ->

rock it guys~!
title or description

Dani and Tiger
title or description

Mózi in a moment, when he couldn't hide himself behind the drums
title or description

Huba lost in the music
title or description

the band...without Tiger..BUT! you can see the bassist!!
title or description
and coz I Feel So Sure... listen to this! NOW!!!
eh, I feel totally like atsushi on my avatar ... idiotic an' crazy...whatever
I put some luna sea in the winamp, so I don't have to listen only to romance, which is exactly what I have done for some hours now O___O
'kay, I think I wrote about every shit, that happened in the last week...sooooooooooo 'Let’s raise a toast to the last of the blood
In your dream, in your darkness

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I'm tired.
I knew I had to wake up early this morning again, but I just started chatting with a guy from a visual/jrock-forum and at some point I realized that it is already 3am...well fuck it.
I have to work a lot today, coz tomorrow it's the autumn anime con and I don't have the costums ready...well, the night will be long.
I like it this way, it's inspirating...T___T whatever
I'm listening to Besh o droM. They are a hungarian band and play something inbetween jazz and hungarian/gipsy folksmusic. I really like them,which is weird coz I usually despise the things hungarian 'bands' and/or singers do...'k, the mainstream...and Besh o Drom is not mainstream thank God. I first listened to bands like this when I was drawing the sample pages and character designs to Jasshin, some hungarian-japanese mixed up alternate universe story. Something I should work on, but as long as I can't get one of the publishers, it really would be useless...
umm...yeah, back to work...shit


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