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To my dear f-list as well! 

Printable Easter freebies!
Print, cut out and assemble!
Follow the link for more information and the download links!
Happy Easter Everybody!
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because my f-list is not on tumblr XDD
my luvely home-made marshmallows ♥

and my Spring-Inspired Pin Project :3

this is the first piece I did, but I want to make a more kind-faced version as well :3

hope everyone is all right :3 ♥

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I wish everyone a Messy Christmas (in retrospect XD) and a really happy New Year!!
Hope everyone got they presents and had as much fun as we did :3!
We'll meet in 2012!
hugs & kisses!


Nov. 13th, 2011 11:39 pm
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We've opened up our own webshop! Stuff still uploading there; so expect a few updates every other day...
For now, we stocked up on Christmas goodies; what'll happen later though is a question of how we manage these two month...
And I'm over at tumblr a lot more, so feel free to check it out as well (if you want look at idiotic snippets from my oh-so-interesting life XD)

In other news:
Nem látta valaki a tetves 'Pánik' könyvemet O_o;;;?

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there goes half of my Sunday T_T
this weekend was a disaster anyway :/

made for my little sister, Krumpli

now I hate these bitches even more ^0^;/
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I have a LOT to write about, but I'm on caffeine high right now and can't really make myself gather all the information I  want to share with you, so instead:


hope you enjoyed
now run around naked in your rooms!
bye X3


Jan. 28th, 2011 09:36 am
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Made a wallpaper from this:

sayonara by *kodokumegumi on deviantART

for [livejournal.com profile] uran_chan , but of course everyone interested is free to use XD <3

it's rrrrrrrrrrrrrrright here~

in other news, i really need a new LJ layout o_o;;
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So, last post this year :3
We're at Ginji's place having a 'party' which turned kinda shitty, but I hope it will get better :3 (just to say; it wasn't our host's fault...)
Gonna update this later; probably tomorrow after getting home, I just wanted to wish everyone of my luvely friends and all the ppl out there a Happy New Year and a great New Years Eve!!


belated edit... )
belated edit... )

Love you all! x3
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Wow, we're alive :3!

We had dinner; thank god everybody was pleased and no one suggested killing me XD So maybe I'll experiment more with British recipes; but first I'll make the family fall in love with chutneys XD
We got our presents too, or to be exact they got their presents... as usual nobody could think of something for me, so I'm waiting for tomorrow and my girlfriends present *0* that may be good >_> but I got two Rejtő books from himi!
So now I'm off; I'm gonna lay around on the sofa, sketch some stupid-non-work-related-stuff, drink a hectolitre coke, stay up really late and be happy about no one being around x3 <3
And hope tomorrow will come soon enough, because that means my girlfriend coming back, Ginji visiting us and more Christmas fun!

Merry Christmas my honeys *0*!!
Be good :3!
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Watching the Hungarian version of The Nutcracker *0* If that doesn't make one feel like Christmas, than nothing XD Okay, maybe good old Frank Sinatra x3

And pamm-pamm-pamm!

Getting there, getting there :3
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Sorry for flooding your friends pages O_O but I'm still gonna update in different posts xDD my pudding flavoured apologies XD

So, Christmas tree is standing; the ham is cooked; Black Adder's Christmas Carol is playing in the background and my family is bickering XD
I think Christmas feeling is coming around xD
Btw, I think the place up here in the attic is not big enough...we barely manage without a tree, but with one standing in the middle of the room, it's getting difficult xP
Gonna go and make some mash now and after that, decorate the tree with my sisters :3
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Ooookay, we're home from visiting grandma, I bought the missing ingredients and now the ham is cooking :3
We're watching Scrooged *0* I love that movie. And I'm trying to tidy up the place, because we're bringing in the Christmas tree..sort of nowish XD

update soon


Dec. 23rd, 2010 11:43 pm
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It's almost Christmas and by some miracle, I'm pretty good this year. No running around, no 'what-to-buy' frenzies, nearly no stress.
Except, that I wanted to do a LOT today and couldn't, because I woke with some horrible pains in my back and limbs, plus my insides decided to have a wrangle-each-other-party O_o;
So I spent the whole day trying to stand upright and do my job; it was hell. And of course it is still pestering me, so I couldn't do everything that I had on my to-do-list; but as I said I'm doing well :3
Wik won't be here on the 24th, because she'll be visiting home; but will be coming back the next day, so I'm trying not to be sad about not spending Christmas Eve with her, again =_= maybe next year :3!
Gonna update tomorrow; after I've visited my grandma, bought a Christmas tree, cooked some good British styled food for my family aaaaaand gotten my presents >:3

hope I'll get presents o_o maybe I won't...British cuisine might make them want to set my gifts on fire XD

Have a wonderful and merry Christmas everyone!!
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I'm sitting in a huge pile of mess (which I should have tided up ages ago along with putting up some Christmas decorations), drinking neocitran, working on the same project for the 3rd day now in a row, with 4hrs sleep a day and listening to Suicidal Tendencies.
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It's snowing.


Nov. 13th, 2010 11:54 pm
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Nov. 13th, 2010 08:54 am
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life sux XDDD anyway; cheer up meme ganked from amiyade

right herrrrrrre )

(és most veszem csak észre, mi ez a rich text editor szar.....blö. O_O;;; )


Oct. 1st, 2010 11:30 pm
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So, it's officially October now, and it being my 'birth-month' I kinda feel obliged to write something fairly coherent in my journal. How it'll turn out however, is not up to me XD
So...(I seem to like this word) we survived Helm's Deep! the 'Őszi Animecon 2010'! yay! Had fun actually, managed to finish (ohmygoshcanyoubelievethis!) every single project if I recall correctly, plus we got our own little stand for creamsoda (c) and we managed to sell quite a few things (=accessory and such). Let's see...our para para performance came out good too, in the end and since it was my last show with them, I'm happy the team did so great. What else...oh yeah, my girlfriend and me had this little 'tutorial on painting and using copic markers' kinda thing Sunday, which went great, so a huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dombihugi  for inviting us! (P.S.: next time I see the technician, I'm for sure going to kick his teeth in, because that's what I do with irritating manner-less arse-holes ^_^)
Oh yes; I met a lot of old friends, whom I didn't see in the last half year, and probably won't in the next half either. I love you guys, and you better know it!
It was great (regarding the circumstances...), all hail [livejournal.com profile] uran_chan and of course every single person, who helped.

Another great idea of ours was to go to the IKEA...in our dictionary, this means, that it doesn't matter how cheap it is, you'll spend aaaaaall your money on furniture and kitchenware you don't even need. Whatever.

1st round: I came, I saw, I bought - pretty, brand new white shelves *0* which of course led to

2nd round: let's remodel the loft yay! we spent a whole fucking week just getting out all the trash stored inside and tidying up! We pushed the furniture this way and then that way and then again in some other direction; we sorted out every little 'fond memory' and trashed it (outcome: approx. 12 m3 trash. sounds good?)

3rd round: painting the wall! It wasn't all that hard, we could do it for a living now xD anyway, finished one colour and still have to get some money, to at least buy some paint, so that maybe next year, we'll have a chance to finish it.

4th round: going back to IKEA (why are we doing this, I won't understand...) and buying another set of desks! And if you ask me, those furniture coming from Sweden, is a lie. I'm pretty sure they come from hell and whoever invented those put-together-plans, should just put IKEA-stuff together for all eternity.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it immensely! It was great to do all these things with my better half ^^
We just got so tired, and sometimes it was nerve-wrecking; especially the last two days. Anyway; everything is finished, everything looks beautiful and we're proud of our work!

October's gonna be hell, with all those birthdays...birthday cake making season started today. I spent about 8 hours in the kitchen just today XD
I'm dead and it's 0:43. Going to sleep; be bad kiddies!

P.P.S.: I'm reading Good Omens and I'm in love!


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